The Flamingo Hilton

When you think of old-school Las Vegas, you think of Bugsy Siegal. He famously opened the Flamingo Hilton Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas strip over 50 years, ago. Built in a Caribbean setting, this is slightly more high-stake than the majority of Las Vegas, so only enter if you know that you can take the heat! Practising at an online casinos beforehand is recommended, and we can also recommend if you're unsure which one to choose!

The Flamingo hotel and casino is the oldest operating casino on the Las Vegas Strip today and is hosting tons of popular casinospielen. The brainchild of Billy Wilkerson, the Flamingo was intended as an elegant, luxurious counterpoint to the more rustic venues then prevalent in Vegas. When Wilkerson ran out of money, mobster Bugsy Siegel stepped in and took over, giving the hotel some colorful history as well as its quirky name. Siegel chose the name in honor of his skinny-legged girlfriend who he teasingly called Flamingo. The casino finally opened at the tail end of 1946.

The Flamingo was bought by Hilton in 1974, and today it is famous for attractions like its headlining entertainers, Donny and Marie Osmond, whose show won Best of Las Vegas 2012. The casino currently offers 77,000 square feet of gaming, and the hotel has over 3,600 rooms. While all of the original casino structure has been torn down, the Flamingo still retains an Art Deco flair that gives a nostalgic glimpse into the era of its birth. A garden courtyard with a flamingo-filled wildlife habitat is another nod to tradition here.

The Flamingo is still a great place to experience Las Vegas resort life. Before you visit, be sure to get a taste for the Flamingo's early years by watching the movie Viva Las Vegas or the original Ocean's 11, as both films were shot on the property. Or, you could watch the flashback sequence in the Ocean's 11 remake. That way, you can compare old and new versions of the Flamingo and learn a little about Vegas history before you visit.

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The Flamingo Hilton