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All About Las Vegas Casinos

Las Vegas is definitely one of the world's most popular and well-known gaming destinations, attracting almost 39 million visitors each year. But did you know that many of the city's most famous casinos aren't even in Las Vegas? In fact, the entire Las Vegas Strip is actually located outside city limits in an unincorporated area (and I am sure that none of them are casinos that allow betting with PayPal! ;) ).

Together, the casinos lining the Strip raked in $9.2 billion in 2011. By contrast, the smaller casinos located in downtown Las Vegas generated $497 million. That doesn't mean that you should avoid downtown for the glitz of the strip. The downtown area is the most historic, because downtown was where the very first casinos sprang up, starting with the Northern Club in 1931. Today the most popular casino within city limits is probably the Golden Nugget.

The Las Vegas Strip was transformed into a collection of mega-resorts during a wave of casino renovations in the 1990s. Today it combines gaming with resort amenities like luxury hotel suites, spa treatments, pools, fine dining, shopping, and stage shows. The neon-lit high rises loom out of the desert, displaying a fanciful mix of architecture like a mini Eifel Tower and a hotel shaped like a pyramid.

Whether you visit the downtown area or the Strip, Las Vegas is certainly a place where your imagination and your pocketbook can run wild. Before you sit down at a high-rollers table in a Las Vegas casino, be sure you've practiced your poker or blackjack skills by playing at an online casino first, like Luxury Casino.

It's become virtually impossible to think of Las Vegas without thinking of casino games at the same time. After all, Las Vegas has the biggest consortium of some of the most famous gambling spots in the world. Only in Las Vegas, do you have the ability to laze by the pool to get a suntan in the morning, then hit a variety of casinos, come nighttime to see what plans lady luck has in store for you. In Las Vegas, there's something for everyone's taste. There you can find everything from the good old slot machines, great casino table games to private high-roller suites just like on

The Bellagio is one of the Strip's most popular casinos

Naturally however, some casinos stand out and are better known than the others. One of the most famous spots for gambling worldwide is the Casino at Caesar's Palace on the Vegas strip. This casino has truly been built to accommodate all sorts of gamblers from thos who like the casino online to the high roller Vegas regulars who play high limit slots! It has been divided into two main sections; the older section is for the experienced, high-stake gamblers with plenty to spend and the newer section is for gamblers who are hoping to have a safer form of fun rather than lose their kids' college funds. All this is in a beautifully decorated setting that lives up to the name of this world famous establishment. If you need a bit of practice first, you can try a Casino Online to start making some money. Bring Las Vegas to your home and find the Best Online Casino Bonus, and be sure to check out the most popular Online Casino Games as well! It's a great thing that nowadays is quite safe to play online casinos.

Before you head out to Sin City you should practice by playing at a casino online. This is a great way to get a feel for the games before you try the real casinos. Many offer all kind of different free casino games including the ones you will find at a Las Vegas casino. Make a choice and familiarize yourself with the rules and different vocabulary used, so you know what to do when you stand at the roulette or blackjack table to play baccarat. If you find it hard to find an online casino you can trust, check out the casino reviews at Using an online casino bonus can be of great advantage. Most of the times you can play with it for free, so you are not using your own money while practicing. That money is than well saved for Las Vegas.

Try to play in English though and not in your native language. I know it is easier to play juegos casino in Spanish but in Las Vegas you need to be able to understand what the croupier is telling you and when to bet. If you want to play at a Swedish nätcasino or even a Dutch casino, we recommend you try To read up about the games in german, visit

Also get a good strategy going to help you make decisions while standing at the table. The internet is full of tips and tricks for that. A good place to start is UK Casino Club - they have over 400 games that you can try the Blackjack or slots! You can find great slot tips on the internet before you go to Vegas.