MGM Grand

The crown of the largest casino complex in the world belongs to the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, also on the Vegas strip. It's a gargantuan entertainment area divided into four divisions, each with a special theme to which it is specifically designed. There is the Hollywood area, Emerald city area, Monte Carlo area and the Sports area.

Slot machines, Blackjack tables, craps tables and lots more. Whatever your imagination comes up with when it comes to gambling, you're sure to find it there. There's also entertainment for the little ones such as a 33-acre park, a youth centre and other forms of entertainment to keep the kids busy while their parents play a few games of their own. Roulette is our personal favourite. Head to for strategy tips, online casino reviews and more! It's always handy if you tried it online before heading for the real thing.

The MGM Grand is a must-see on any trip to Vegas. When it was built in 1993, it was the largest hotel in the world, and although it is now third largest in the world, it is still the largest hotel resort in America. With 171,500 square feet of gaming space, the MGM casino is one of the largest in Vegas. The entire MGM complex is equally impressive, boasting outdoor attractions like five pools, rivers, and waterfalls, plus indoor luxuries and entertainments like the Grand Spa and the MGM Grand Garden Arena.

The first clue that the MGM Grand is a world unto itself is the fact that pedestrians aren't meant to enter from the street. Instead, you can enter the 30-story casino complex via skybridges from neighboring casinos, which cross Tropicana Avenue and Las Vegas Boulevard.

The MGM complex has been renovated in recent years, and the original Wizard of Oz theme was updated to a more mature "Maximum Vegas" theme. At this time, the Lion Habitat also closed. The casino's trademark mascot, the Leo the Lion statue, still stands guard outside the doors of the MGM. When you visit, don't miss the chance to get your picture taken with this famous Vegas icon.

When it comes to gambling, the MGM can accommodate just about every budget. The casino features over 100 card tables, plus 2,500 machines. There are penny slots, but there's also a special high limit slots area where you have a chance to win up to half a million dollars. When in Vegas, you must try your luck at the MGM Grand! Beforehand, if you want to try without risking your own money at home, head to and try one of the casino offers for free without any obligation!

The MGM Grand is the world's biggest casino complex.